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Limited Edition Custom Series 2 Card Binder (x/21)


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This one-of-a-kind Custom S2 Card Binder is perfect for showing off your limited edition Bitcoin Trading Cards! Limited to only /21s and /121s of each flagship series to ever be created, you can combine it with your cards to form a rare and valuable collection. With its custom design, you can keep your valuable cards displayed and safely stored in style!

Experience true collectability with the Series 2 Card Binder! This limited edition series-specific binder with a full INSIDE & OUT holo foil print allows you to display your full set of cards from the series. It includes a traditional cold-foil Stamp with a x/21 number stamped on the back of this Super Rare binder. Show off your collection by displaying all the important info you need, plus a full series map and rarity breakdown! With a print run this small, only a few full sets will ever be found, with only 21 of these binders that will ever be made make sure you grab yours before it's gone!

Limited Edition Series 2 Binder (x/21)

Limited Edition Foil Stamped x/21

Full foil Exterior!