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Bitcoin Education

Below are some excellent Resources to start, or further, your Bitcoin journey!

They say it takes 10,000 hours to really understand bitcoin, yet every journey starts with the first step. As you learn, don't worry if it doesn't all make sense right away. If you stay curious and consistent, you will build on your knowledge, and over time everything will fall into place.

Many of the authors and website creators below are also happy to answer questions, so feel free to reach out via email, Nostr or Twitter.


Our Genesis Packs are the most fun, interactive way to learn about bitcoin and freedom ever created. Each pack contains ten cards, with amazing artwork on the front, and an insightful, succinct nugget of bitcoin knowledge on the back of every card.

See more here: Genesis Packs


Click here for a great list of bitcoin books, divided into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, with descriptions of each one.

Click here for a free PDF of The Simplest Bitcoin Book Ever Written by Keysa Luna

Also available in Spanish:

Haga clic aquí por El Libro de bitcoin más Simple Jamás Escrito


Click here for a free 12-hour beginner course called Bitcoin for Everybody, offered at

Click here for a free 2.5-hour foundation course on Debt, Inflation & the Bigger Picture, offered by


These sites are comprehensive compilations of information pertaining to the many aspects of bitcoin. Peruse them to discover the parts that interest you most!

Bitcoin Wiki

Bitcoin Resources by Der Gigi

Bitcoin Information & Resources by Jameson Lopp

Learn Me A Bitcoin

Nakamoto Institute


If you are as inspired by Bitcoin, and the potential it has to change the world for the better as we are, here are some great curricula you can use to teach those around you.

My First Bitcoin

Also available in Spanish: Mi Primer Bitcoin

School Curriculum on the Foundations Course by Looking Glass Education


The Bitcoin White Paper

Bitcoin on Github