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We are droping our main site soon that will except only Bitcoin payments but for now if you want to pay in Bitcoin please go to our partners at

The Reason for Bitcoin Trading Cards: “Making Bitcoin Fun and Easy For Anyone To Learn”

Bitcoin Trading Cards, aka BTC, has launched an educational trading card series that teaches Bitcoin for beginners and provides a fun hobby for the Bitcoin community. This fun, novel, engaging and nostalgic learning tool seeks to educate people of all walks of life on the benefits of Bitcoin, what Bitcoin can be used for, and how individuals can start saving in Bitcoin for a chance to achieve a deeper understanding of their inherent rights and a life of financial freedom.


Series 1 Orange Pill in a Pack

Series 1 was released November 11th 2022 at Pacific Bitcoin in Southern California. Only 7894 packs where created for series 1, making it the rares series we will ever do. Series 2 will be 21,000 packs & drops at Miami Bitcoin May 2023

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Bringing the Physical Back to a world gone Digital

Most Bitcoin education tools are online.

However, these digital methods of learning remove an element of camaraderie and fun. Bitcoin Trading Cards eliminates this by using all the immersive benefits of the physical world to educate about the most important invention in human history: the first decentralized monetary system with fixed limited supply.

“Our mission is to make Bitcoin fun enough to spark the interest of the next generation to learn about the power of Decentalization”

About Us

With 65 Original Cards in Series 1

BTC features an array of cards like Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare and Legendary, and there are also Bitcoin Warriors and Bitcoin Artist cards. For more than four years, we worked on this project to start you off with the best First Series possible.

Presenting "Orange Pill in a Pack" - a collection of original cards with jaw-dropping artwork and facts simplified to orange pill even the hardest of heads! From 1/1's to 1/999's, this collection is the first of its kind and will be the most collectible series of all. The first one always is!

  • Resources to Start Off Right

    We have partnered with some of the best projects in Bitcoin to give you the best resources possible to start you on your journey towards financial freedom.

  • Take the First Steps & Discover Why Bitcoin Is So Important

    So much more than a fun collection of amazing trading cards, BTC makes learning fun and simplifies topics thought to be boring and tedious.

  • A Legendary Collection of Bitcoin Trading Cards

    Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto, we have created scarcity, tangibility and the ability and desire to transact P2P (Peer-to-Peer) with a community of collectors from around the world.


This is only the beginning

So Much More To Come!!

We are finishing our main site at and will let you know the moment it is live!

It has been a long journey creating BTC Cards. We are a self-funded project created by two dads on a mission to bring Bitcoin adoption to the world. Please bear with us as we fix the bugs in our main website and support our mission while you help spread awareness about Bitcoin and freedom to friends and family!

Lightning Payments Coming Soon!

Of Course we will be exceping Bitcoin and Lightning payments for our Trading Cards! UnfoUnfortunately it is a mess of hoops to get it live on our site right away. A perperfect example of why we love Bitcoin so much! If you want to pay in Bitcoin now please reach out on twitter or go to Geyser.fund

Series 2 Coming Soon!

If you think this is it... Think again because we have only just begun!! We have already started work on Series 2 FUD Busters & Series 3 Warriors VS Villains! We didn’t work throughout 2 bear markets and an entire halving cycle to only launch one series... You ain't seen nothing Bitcoin Twitter

Adventures In Bitcoin Coming Soon!

A nonprofit sister series geared toward educating kids ages 4-12 years old. We have an amazing team of family Bitcoiners that have come together to help create an extension of Bitcoin Trading Cards with many surprises that we will be announcing soon! To learn more, go to our Telegram group or calm the FOMO and stay tuned!!