About Us

About The Founder

 Alladan discovered Bitcoin in 2016 & never looked back. A husband & father of 3, he has been an entrepreneur his inter life, a musician, writer and artist. Alladan starting his first business at the age of 17, Home Grown Records. He grew up in a small farming town in Northern California & understood the overreach of our government at a very young age, seeing first hand the corruption, lies and propaganda spread by the people we where told to trust. When He learned about Bitcoin it was obvious that this was the best opportunity we have ever had to restore our depleting sovereignty & he vowed to do all he could to help spread the word about Bitcoin & the importance of freedom to as many people as possible. Alladan has been working on Bitcoin Trading Cards for over 4 years, compiling vast information & collecting feedback from the general public through his Bitcoin consulting company The Bitcoin Life Raft. Over this time he has put together an amazing team of artists from all over the world to help him create each unique & detailed work of art on each card. 


“It is the inspiration of the arts that sparked the revolutions of past, this time will be no different. It is the creativity & art of all kinds that will wake the world to the pure poetry that Bitcoin is”

      -Alladan F.


Now you have an idea of our goals and future plans, let’s join together and create the strongest Community in the world. Focused on Peace, Freedom & Decentralization by Joining the Pack. We need all the help we can get to spread Bitcoin Adoption & awaken the public to the truth of our monetary system & why we need change now more than ever. For our children, because their future depends on us. 

“Fix the Money, Fix the World”