• Our Artistic Vow

    Far more than just trading cards. All of our artwork is created with the highest detail and consideration to design the most original and inspirational works of art. We have put together a team of skilled artists from all over the world that have become like family over the years working together on this project. Each artist has their own amazing, unique style that sets BTC apart from all the rest. With the vast diversity of our project, we are sure to have a style to fit everyone's taste. We believe it is the artwork that will draw in the collectors and help inspire in almost anyone the desire to learn. Conceptualizing such important topics is no easy task, and we spent countless hours creating the illustrations you see. We take every topic as important as the last and vow to produce some of the most amazing, ambitious artwork you will ever see.

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  • Limited Edition Prints

    Professional museum quality prints which are part of a collector’s edition. Only 100 copies of each of our unique works of art will ever be made available as highquality prints. A signed Certificate of Authenticity is included with each individual piece. The collector has the option of having their print modified to meet their individual
    requirements regarding size and finish. Acquire a piece of history to hang on your wall so that it might serve as a topic of conversation and a source of inspiration.

  • Bitcoin Apparel Like No Other

    We are working on creating the most fantastic high quality gear, with designs inspired by much of our artwork, and we intend to offer the most epic Original Bitcoin Threads available today. We will offer shirts, hats, sweaters, and more, using only the highest quality materials and printing, so you can show off to the world, your enthusiasm for freedom and Bitcoin. We are well aware that there are a great number of businesses operating in this space; so, just like the Cards, we will only provide the very finest products in order to maintain our position as the market leader when we launch.

  • Bitcoin Music

    It should be clear by now that we consider creativity and the arts to be among the most potent forces for spreading Adoption of Bitcoin. Both of Bitcoin Trading Cards’ original founders are musicians who have collaborated on an album influenced by Bitcoin and the pursuit of sovereignty. Our mission is to write an anthem for the movement that will inspire people to speak out for the things they care about and rally others to our cause. The struggle for our freedom and the right to enjoy a world without war and tyranny.
    Stay Tuned!