Orange Pill in a Pack Collection

The Orange Pill in a Pack Collection features unique series of collectible Bitcoin Trading Cards. There will always be a maximum of 21,000 packs of each series printed.

Each series is made up of different categories, such as Freedom, Tyranny, Bitcoin Education, Warriors, Artists, Currency, Resources.

Every card has amazing artwork on the front, by various incredible artists from around the world.

On the back of each card is a solid nugget of education pertaining to the topic and image on the front.

In every pack of twelve cards is one stunning foil chase card, that has a rarity of either /21, /100, /210, /500 or /1000.

Series One - Orange Pill in a Pack, was released in November 2022 and sold out within six months.

Series Two - FUD Busters, was released in May 2023 and sold out within three months.

Series Three will be released in 2024. Sign up for our emails below to be notified when it drops!