The Evolution of Bitcoin Trading Cards Introduces Satoshi's Heroes

Bitcoin Trading Cards is bringing Bitcoin Education to the next generation like never seen before with "Satoshi's Heroes" an original graphic comic book series that will take you on a journey through space and time discovering the history of money. From the pages of the book will evolve one of the greatest card games ever created, battle friends with your collection of special cards that will not only take fun to the next level in this action packed card game but you will discover the secrets of money and emerge a bitcoin master with education packed in every turn you take.

  • Satoshi's Heroes

    As the Bitcoin Trading Card project evolves, we are developing “Satoshi's Heroes,” a Collectable Graphic Comic Book and Trading Cards Game. With new artists and a fresh design built to intrigue the youth by and adults alike with awesome illustrations and a story like never written before that will spark the attention of nearly every child into learning more about the one thing we all use "Money". With this series, we also plan on attending many youth-oriented events around the world to spread Bitcoin and financial education as far as possible.

  • An Evolution to Orange Pill the Next Generation of Bitcoiners

    We are also developing a curriculum based on "Satoshi's Heroes" our original Comic Book series that can be taught in classrooms all over the world. Each student will have a final project in which he or she must choose a topic and design their own Bitcoin Trading Card. Get children interested and involved, and you will witness the transformation of our youth into a generation unlike any other.