Collecting Just Got a Whole Lot More Fun!

  • Incentivize & Reward

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    Stacking your collection is great! But what if you had a chance to stack Sats at the same time? Or a chance to get a signed copy of your favorite Bitcoin book, a limited edition print from BTC or win a years subscription to your favorite magazine or app? Starting next series we will be adding all kinds of amazing incentives! We believe this will also help entice newbies & get them offzero, which always helps motivate the bitcoin journey! For the upcoming Kids-N-Bitcoin Series it is our mission to mint as many new Satoshi Millionaires as possible! If you would like to donate towards these incentives & sponsor a pack, please reach out & let’s change the world together!

  • Become A Sponsor

    Stand out from the pack & become a collection in history

    Sponsor a Pack or Series & get your Brand out to Thousands of New Costumers in a way like never before! Become a Collectable that will last a Lifetime & Solidify your Brand into the Hearts & Minds of Bitcoiner’s & Future Bitcoiner’s alike. You can even give the gift of Sats, a Special Promotion from your Brand, Company, or Product. Go Beyond the Digital & let us help you reach the Physical World by creating you a Tangible, Scarce, Collectible & Tradable Card. Or you can go the Next Level & Get Your Brand Front & Center by having us Create you a Special wrapper like we did for Swan Bitcoin, or even get your logo on our booth that will be seen at Concerts and Events around the Country. Let’s Team up and help spread Bitcoin Adoption & Inspire people to
    embrace their Financial Freedom. We have endless ways for your
    brand to benefit from being a sponsor. Lets Talk!