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Ganjabrandz Trading cards - 1 box, 12 packs in a box - 10 cards in a pack

Ganjabrandz Trading cards - 1 box, 12 packs in a box - 10 cards in a pack

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Ganjabrandz Trading cards were created in 2015 by Alladan to help the small Mom and Pop farmers transition into the new regulatory framework in California and provide them with a means of branding and marketing in a very difficult industry. The farmer would select the best products of their season for the pack. Each product or strain would then be taken to a testing facility to get their results for the cards. Then the products or strains would be sampled to provide the taste, and smell on the card. Other stats like elevation, lighting used, country grown and more was added to the stats. 

Only 4000 packs of each brand were created and distributed to Cannabis clubs, grow stores and head shops across California. 

There are only 200 boxes of 24 packs in a box left of the Card project that helped feed the inspiration to create Bitcoin Trading Cards. These packs will never be reproduced and this is truly the last of GanjaBrandz trading cards. The final boxes printer featured Alladans own brand at the time, Dark Moon Farms.

one chase card of the 24k gold nugget is in 50% of the packs. 

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