Giving someone a proper orange pill is a huge responsibility!

Get it right, and you change a life forever.

Get it wrong, and you miss that opportunity; or worse, you scare them away. As Bitcoiners, we think it should just be so easy to understand. Because once we got it, our lives were changed forever, and we never looked back. But as I’m sure we all know after trying, it is not as easy as we thought it would be to inspire people to want to learn something new. Learning about Bitcoin for the first time can be scary, overly complicated, intimidating, and to some, just boring.

Now you can hand them a BTC pack, and let the Cards do the work! It starts with artwork that evokes emotion with concepts that spark critical thinking in even the most stubborn individuals. Then we break down each subject into an easy to understand description that leaves the player longing for more. Then they can scan the QR code on the back and further their journey down the rabbit hole.

  • We believe the “Why Bitcoin" is more important than the “How”. With our ten-category system, we put 80% of the focus on the “Why”.

Monetary History, Freedom, Government & Currency - These are just a few of the categories that will start them on the journey of “Why Bitcoin" is so important.

Education, Economics & Bitcoin Fundamentals - These are a few of the categories that will then take them on the “How” journey.