• eCommerce App for SMB's

    Joltz enables eCommerce brands of all size to easily start offering bitcoin rewards to their customers directly on their brand's website post-checkout in just a few clicks.

    Joltz is the worlds first Shopify and WooCommerce bitcoin rewards integration; other eCommerce platforms coming soon!

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  • Enterprise Lightning API's

    Joltz provides a robust set of scalable API's to enable turnkey Lightning solutions for larger brands and partners who wish to deliver bitcoin rewards at a large scale.

    Joltz makes it incredibly easy for brands to meet customers where they are at in the shopping experience to offer this new and attractive reward - bitcoin!

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At Joltz, we make it possible for any brand or merchant of any size to offer bitcoin as a reward to their customers in just a few minutes.

Simultaneously our dual mission is to get bitcoin into the hands of as many people as possible for doing something they already do - shop with brands they love! We're partnering with BTC Trading Cards and numerous other brands to get as many people "off of zero" by easily rewarding them with small amounts of bitcoin back when they purchase products or memberships.

Bitcoin Trading Cards goes above and beyond providing high quality trading cards that educate, inspire, and spread the word of bitcoin; Joltz does it's part by putting a small percentage of all purchases back in the hands of the consumer by directly rewarding them with bitcoin back with simply the email used on their order or for more technically savvy consumers they can withdraw their bitcoin rewards instantly to their own lightning wallet.

We realize not all merchants have millions of dollars and resources like Starbucks to build out new reward capabilities which is why we offer plug-and-play “Bitcoin Rewards As A Service” that easily integrate into existing e-commerce and loyalty platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. We also realize not all consumers have a lightning wallet so we must strive to deliver the best experience possible to get bitcoin into the hands of the masses and steer them to self-custody.

So any brand can start for free, and all brand's pay is the ongoing cost of rewards from which Joltz adds a small percentage service fee on top.

Reach out to contactus@joltzrewards.com to learn more and finally give your customers the optionality that will keep them coming back.