The Next Stage of the Journey

Showcasing The Resources to Thrive

  • Once the collector has started to digest their Orange Pill, they need to know what to do next. This is why we created the Resource and Influencer categories. In these categories, we provide the collector with tried and true Bitcoin companies and projects that are helping people navigate the journey of becoming a true Bitcoiner, with Bitcoin only exchanges, Bitcoin apps, educational platforms and so much more.

  • By highlighting the best Educators and Influencers, the collector can skip the scammers and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) and go straight to the most trusted in the Bitcoin community and start to learn from the best immediately. Help us by joining the BTC Pack, either with your project or recommending your favorite trusted Resource, Educator or Influencer in the space. Together we are strong, and together is how we will fix the broken system!

  • Incentivize & Reward


    Stacking your collection is great! But what if you had a chance to stack sats at the same time? Or a chance to get a signed copy of your favorite Bitcoin book, a limited edition print from BTC or win a year's subscription to your favorite magazine or app? Starting with the next series, we will be adding all kinds of amazing incentives! We believe this will also help entice newbies and get them off zero, which always helps motivate the Bitcoin journey! For the upcoming "Adventures in Bitcoin" kids' series, it is our mission to mint as many new Satoshi Millionaires as possible! If you would like to donate towards these incentives and sponsor a pack, please reach out and let’s change the world together!

  • Become A Sponsor

    Stand out from the pack and become a collection in history

    Sponsor a Pack or Series and get your brand out to thousands of new customers in a way like never before! Become a collectible that will last a lifetime and solidify your brand into the hearts and minds of Bitcoiners and future Bitcoiners alike. You can even give the gift of sats, a special promotion from your brand, company or product. Go beyond the digital and let us help you reach the physical world by creating for you a tangible, scarce, collectible and tradeable card. Or you can go the next level and get your brand front and center by having us create you a special wrapper like we did for Swan Bitcoin, or even get your logo on our booth that will be seen at concerts and events around the country. Let’s team up and help spread Bitcoin adoption and inspire people to embrace their financial freedom. We have endless ways for your brand to benefit from being a Sponsor. Let's talk!

  • Bitcoin Artists

    It is the art and creativity that we believe is going to help inspire curiosity and spark engagement.

    Bitcoin Artist cards were created to highlight the amazing talent in the Bitcoin and financial education space. Celebrate and discover the artistic pioneers driven by passion and expression of creativity to inspire the world to embrace the potential of a free society and decentralization.

  • Freedom Fighter

    For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
    - Nelson Mandela

    If there is any group or individual that should be celebrated for their contribution to society, it should be the Freedom Fighters! The men and women that have risked life and limb to stand up for our rights, both now and in the past. Freedom would not exist if it wasn’t for the people that have fought to keep it alive.

  • Bitcoin Warrior

    We are in a constant battle for our sovereignty and financial freedom. Bitcoin is our chance for a decentralized monetary system to free us of the broken system. Since the start of Bitcoin, we have had individuals make a stand and battle to educate and inform the world about the first decentralized monetary system that is Bitcoin. Against all odds and endless FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt), they have stood their ground and continued to fight the good fight. Bitcoin would not be where it is today without the Bitcoin Warriors!

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