A Collection Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

Rather than simply providing a deck of Bitcoin education cards, BTC has taken concepts from traditional trading cards and is introducing rare, ultra-rare and legendary cards. During this last four year journey of planning out this project, we have had many surprises up our sleeves! We strive to push the envelope when it comes to creativity and to provide the most inspiring and unforgettable experience possible. A collection of history in a Pack!

What’s great about each trading card in the BTC collection is the amount of educational information it includes. Once again, BTC fuses the digital and physical worlds – each trading card features a unique QR code. When scanned, the collector is sent to a purpose-built web page detailing a deeper understanding about the topic on the card.

“It’s about inspiring interaction, discussion and education. We want to get people talking and empower them to learn about Bitcoin as one community, helping each other to succeed”.

Focusing on Why Over How

Bitcoin Trading Cards is a start-up company dedicated to teaching the masses about ways of achieving financial freedom and Bitcoin. Many educational tools tell you what Bitcoin is and how to get involved. However, they miss out on the crucial element – why? BTC switches focus, educating collectors as to why Bitcoin is important, making it relevant to everyday scenarios, and linking it to the average person’s life as well as the economy as a whole. You must learn the truth about the past in order to understand why we are in the position we are in today. Learn about macroeconomics through inspiring artwork, one topic at a time.