Unique algorithm
Unique trade algorithm for making profitable.
Independent of the market.
Our algorithm (bot), trades in both the growing and the falling market.
Bot on guard
The absence of a human factor makes it impossible to make a mistake.

Where does the profit from ?

The main tool for successful trading of BTC - TRADE on the stock exchange is a bot with artificial intelligence that analyzes the 24/7 market, predicts future trends and takes profits non-stop.

Regular updates
Stable profit provided by constant updates of the robot, according to the changing market.
Trader`s experience
Long-term knowledge of experienced "protection" traders in the algorithms of the BTC - TRADE system
We tested the algorithm (trading bot) for 12 months before starting to attract investors

Business strategy

1. Register on the site using the referral link

2. Choose the appropriate investment package

3. Get yor %, based on the package every month (the 25th day).

A good example

Investor registered on 1.05.2018, made a deponent of $ 5000 and selected the appropriate investment package.

Every day, the investor’s account is charged at $ 13.33, and on 25.05.2018, the first amount of $ 333 is being defrosted, which he can withdraw.

By the end of term 01.05.2019, the investor will receive a total of $ 9,800, of which $ 4,800 are monthly charges deponent 5000 $

Yield calculator

Amount of the investment


Enter or select the investment amount in the slider to instantly read the future profit.


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Amount of the investment

Enter or select the investment amount in the slider to instantly read the future profit.


Per day
Per month
Per year
What our investors say

What is BTC - TRADE ?

A team of young investors, traders, programmers, who set themselves the same goal - to create an automated trading tool with a high level of forecasting of the movement of the crypto currency market. In June 2017 we started testing our bot on the Bitfinex.com exchange, and after 12 month of successful testing, we began to attract investors to our project.

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Frequently asked question
After deponenting funds to the club's account, they are added to the common pool where the trade takes place. The pool is divided into 12 trading pairs.
There are two ways to replenish wallet I. Using Bitcoin using Visa / MasterCard * is available only for Ukrainian and Russian cards.
Trading is conducted on the Bitfinex exchange, where margin accounts are used, which allows you to earn both on a fall and on the growth of the market.
* Today, trading volumes on Bitfinex allow you to use our tool.
* Trade is conducted without a leverage, today we use 12 trading pairs to USD, in the near future it is planned to add trading pairs to the BTC.
In your personal account at the "Reports" section, the investor, at the end of each month, can view a report on the trading pairs of the previous month.
The completed deponent is connected to trading on the next day
A withdrawal request, a Bitcoin wallet or Visa / MasterCard is possible from the 26th to the 30th day of each month.
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